Saturday, August 10, 2019

Get Rid of Fleas for GOOD!

Every summer its the same thing.....the pets get invested with those annoying, jumpy tiny external parasites we all know and hate....FLEAS.It seems like its always a battle when it gets warm out.They are everywhere and infest  everything not to mention they can give your pets worms as well since they are hosts for worm eggs . Your poor precious pet, the carpets, the furniture, the yard...will it never end?! Well there is a way or ways of sorts to keep those tiny blood sucking heathens at we go:

First treat your yard!

Ensure your yard is always mowed and not let it get overgrown! Fleas love hiding in long grass that goes for ticks too!

Treat your yard with pesticides if necessary. Read the directions on the chemical treatment and do not let your pets or children out in the yard for at least a good week (solid 7 days) as a precautionary measure so your pet/child does not get exposed to poisonous chemicals.

Treat your home!

The vacuum cleaner is your best friend...use it ifs, ands or buts...just do it! Try to use a canister vacuum where you can dump the contents directly in the outside garbage can. Do not dump in inside garbage cans this just defeats the purpose of getting the icky critters out of the house.

If you have rugs vacuum all of those thoroughly too!

Hard wood floors? Sweep or mop daily.

If you are remodeling your house avoid thick, shag carpet at all costs.

Have your carpets, rugs and cloth furniture cleaned professionally once or twice a year.

Vacuum your cloth furniture (couches, chairs, pillows, pet beds etc) daily.

Launder pet blankets and beds 2-3 times weekly. Reduces the fleas and any smelly pet odors.

Do not let clothing of any kind lay on the floor....put in a basket and please do your laundry at least weekly! 

Use a chemical treatment i.e a flea bomb in every room. Ensure food and anything you do not want chemicals on is sealed or encased in plastic. Once again for precautionary measures try to wait 6-12 hours before entering house. Make sure windows stay open for at least 24 hours to air out the house.

Use natural methods like baking soda, salt or food-grade diatomaceous earth on the carpets. Sprinkle liberally let sit for 1-2 hours and vacuum as normal.

Keep a clean home in general! No bug likes a clean home.

Treat your pet!

Use a flea comb to comb out the buggers daily.

Give your pet a chemical flea dip/bath, do it yourself or have your veterinarian do it maybe once once or twice a month. Make sure you read the label and rinse your pet thoroughly!

You can wash your pet with a more natural-ish method via Dawn dish washing soap. 

Put a chemical flea collar or chemical flea drops (goes on neck and along back) on your pet. Read labels carefully, use and replace as needed.

You can try a natural flea repellent collar as well most have a citrus scent or homeopathic drops externally.

Give your pet a flea pill regularly. Get from a pet store or your veterinarian. As always read directions carefully for proper dosage.

Give you pet a natural flea pill like brewers yeast or homeopathic drops internally.

Give your pet a well-balanced diet, exercise them regularly and keep them up to date on vaccinations. A healthy pet has a better chance of fighting off those pesky things.

Keep your pet indoors, if they don't venture outside, no bug infestations. Simple enough?

Well there you have it. Hopefully you will be flea free this summer! Know any other tips and tricks? Feel free to post in comments.

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