Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cats Are.....

Cats are independent.
Cats are carnivores.
Cats are nocturnal.
Cats do sleep a lot.
Cats purr.
Cats have dander and can cause allergies and such.
Cats are killers and natural born hunters.
Cats have very good balance.
Cats are flexible.
Cats can fit in and out if tiny spaces.
Cats like fast moving objects.
Cats like catnip (most but not all)
Cats can be lactose and tolerant.
Cats like fruit (some/most).
Cats are cute and cuddly =)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Random Pet Facts

People who own dogs laugh more than people who own cats.
Having a pet is linked positive attitudes towards the natural world an conservation.
If you have a dog people will be more generous to you.
Dogs interpret a human crying as another dog whining.
A cat owner is the only one who is correct about what their cat is meowing about.
Watching cat videos online is good for your health.
Dogs dream like humans.
Dogs wag their tail to the right when happy and to the left when frightened.