Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Play Outside or Cuddle Inside

If it's a nice day in your area of residence take your dog outside and play!

Take your dog to the dog park.

Go for a hike.

Go for a run/walk.

Play with your dog in the backyard/front yard.

Go to the beach with your pet.

Go to the lake with your canine.

Go fishing your pup.

Go swimming with your pet.

Exercise with your pet.

Stay inside and cuddle if the weather is not so good.

Take a nap with your pet.

Cook for your pet.

Watch T.V with your pet.

Wrestle with your pet.

Read a book to your pet.

Exercise with your pet.

Not just today but spend time with your pet everyday ^_^
A well-exercised dog is a happy and calm dog.
Unconditional love~

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Re-homing Your Pet (Part II)

The Re-homing Process
Prepare your pet. Make sure they are up-to-date on shots, spay or neuter, micro-chipped and  make sure they are caught up on basic training i.e sit, stay, leash trained, etc. Keep vet records current and be able to provide as needed
Have pictures and be able to provide a detailed description and yes that does include the good things and possible bad things. Spread the word.
Unless you are placing your pet with a trusted friend or family member charge a reasonable adoption fee. Try not to charge a outrageous breeder fee but also do not charge a small nominal fee or give your pet away for free. Low adoption fees or giving you pet away for free unfortunately attracts people with malicious intentions be it anything from bait dogs to making a profit for a puppy flipper or puppy. Whatever you charge do your research i.e. check with local shelters and rescues and see what they charge and match. Do one better and request to the potential adopter that the adoption fee be donated to a animal rescue/shelter.

Choosing the Right Home
When interested person(s) contact you about adopting your pet be prepared to have lots of questions and maybe even have a adoption contract prepped and ready.

Why are you interested in my dog? What attracts you to my dog?
Where will the dog live during the day and sleep at night?
What activities do you plan with my dog? Do you plan on any sort of training? If so how?
Where will you take my pet for veterinary care?
Do have any other pets? Do you have family or roommates living with you?
Have you ever owned any other pets? What happened to those pets? Can you provide any veterinarian records for past animals?
What would you do if you had to give up the pet for any reason? Are you willing to return the pet to me if it doesn't work out for any reason?

Arrange a meeting. Have the potential adopter visit your home  and visit the their home as well.
See how your pet interacts with that person or any other person(s) in the potential adopter's home.
Ask for the landlord's contact information. Contact landlord and make sure that person is allowed a pet.
Get references, written or verbal from the adopter's family, friends, neighbor's and a veterinarian.

The Transition

Introduce your pet to the adopter slowly. Visit the adopter once or twice. Drop pet off for a few hours. Let your pet spend the night. Let your pet spend a whole weekend with the potential adopter. When your pet seems comfortable in their new home it's time to let go. Remain calm and upbeat. Give the adopter any toys, beds, special blankets and some food that your pet currently eats for a smoother transition. Ask adopter if it is possible to maker call in a few weeks for a follow-up and making sure everything is working out. Avoid any in-person visits you and your pet will just make one another miss each other more.

All in all, good luck, be careful and always consider other options before re-homing your pet. 

Re-homing Your Pet (Part I)

Sometimes life gets the best of everyone and one day you and your family are forced to make a very hard decision of having to re-home a beloved pet. Here are some tips on safely re-homing your pet or even better actually being able to keep your pet.

Do you really need to re-home your pet? Why do you need to re-home your pet?
Here is a list of reasons of why people decide to re-home their pet.

Behavior Issues
"My dog keeps peeing everywhere." "My dog keep knocking down or nipping at my small child." "My pet doesn't get along with other animals." "I can't handle my pet's extreme hyperness."

Your pet's behavior can be modified and managed to whatever your desirability if you put the time, effort and training into it. Bad animal behavior is not necessarily a deal breaker if you truly are committed to your pet. Find a certified pet trainer, take your pet to obedience classes, read up on books explaining dog behavior, surf the internet for tips and advice, etc. There are so many resources to help you with your pet's behavior issues. Unfortunately however if you feel you do not have the time nor resources to modify and manage a pet's behavior continuously than obviously the best thing to do is to re-home your pet to a appropriate home or animal rescue that can do so. A dog's or cat's breed often has something to do with certain behavior problems as well so make sure you do your research before considering a specific breed.

Moving or Housing Issues
"I can't find a rental that accepts pets." "My apartment has breed and weight restrictions." "I have to move to a place that does not allow pets because that is my only option." "My family will not allow me to move in with a pet due to allergies, other pets, etc."

Do your research on rental homes and apartments. There really are plenty of places that allow pets. There are websites you can go to to that provide a list of pet-friendly housing options. Check with your local humane society or animal shelter. They can provide a  list of pet-friendly housing options as well.
Make a resume for your pet to provide to your landlord. Assure them your pet will  not cause any problems.
Make sure your pet is acclimated to whatever dwelling you choose. In other words, if you have a Australian Shepard that is use to running in big open spaces and bouncing off the walls do not get a apartment. If you have a yappy or overly talkative pet try not to have close neighbors. Once again the breed of dog you have plays a huge role in whether or not they can adapt to a certain environment. Always check on any breed or weight restrictions your housing options may have. Example, you have a pit mix, but you consider your pet is predominately a Labrador but has pit bull characteristics, the landlord will have a right to call it a pit bull thus it is a restricted breed. Another example, if your housing option has a weight restriction of 15lbs do not bring a 50+lbs pet and expect it to be okay. Following rules to a tee is your best bet.

Consider asking a trusted friend or family member too look after your pet until you can find a place that accommodates both you and your pet. Board your pet at a kennel or veterinary clinic temporarily if you have the resources and no other options.

Time Restraints
"I work 8+ hours a day." "I got a new job." "Between taking the kids to school and cleaning house I have no time." "My pet requires to much attention."

Make a schedule, take a 20-minute walk or trip to the dog park before and after work, drop your pet off at a doggy day care once or twice a week or everyday if you have the finances, hire a dog walker/sitter, ask a trusted friend or family member to stop by for a visit, or give your pet a food-puzzle toy or any toy for that matter for enrichment. There are so many ways to deal with time restraints however if your feeling forced to leave your pet in a crate for 4+ hours a day please be my guest and re-home your pet to someone that can give that pet the time it deserves.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Craigslist Warning. Yakima Dog Flipper/Puppy Mill.

If you live in the state of Washington and are looking for a puppy on craigslist please stay clear and avoid contacting the person(s) located in or around Yakima. This person has been id'ed as a puppy flipper, running a puppy mill and had been known to sell puppies sickened with the Parvovirus. This person(s) only care about making a profit and could care less about the well-being and health of their puppies. If you see a ad on Craigslist of this description immediately flag and report.This person posts litters of puppies daily please do not buy and support this despicable person financially.

Here are some comments about this person(s):

"It's interesting that these puppies that are located in YAKIMA COUNTY or within 30 miles of YAKIMA have phone numbers from DELAWARE, PASCO, WA & ABERDEEN WA and LAS VEGAS, NV.

*First of all if this person was honest and not a flipper she wouldn't be using so many different phone numbers, area codes and locations.

*Second, if she was an honest breeder she would be SELLING her puppies on her own website not trying to sell them on Craigslist under the guise of re homing.

*Third, she would not be posting the puppies numerous times a day. Sometimes deleting her own posts so she can re post and be at the top again and she would not have SO many different puppies.

*Last, if she wasn't a PUPPY FLIPPER she wouldn't have SO many different puppies posted daily. She has new puppies about every week.

Why doesn't she list her name and her real contact information? Who is she hiding from?

This YAKIMA PUPPY FLIPPER is the biggest flipper around. You can not believe any story she tries to spin. Many people are on to her now and flagging all her posts.


I live in Yakima... (Seattle Tacoma)
I live in Yakima and have seen the post about the flipper from the Yakima Puppy Mill. I am completely confused why anyone would consider buying a puppy from these people. Maybe it's easy to look on CL and meet a stranger at a Mall or Walmart but please consider this I know this girl Danielle has been breeding and selling puppies for several years I have seen her post in several cities it appears she has many people working with her. I personally have posted warnings 6 months ago when I saw she was over here. Here is the deal she usually has around 40 to 50 dogs a month she charges 250 to 500 per puppy. She often sells the poor Mama dog in Yakima for 25 to 50 dollars. She breeds everything and anything she can get her hands on, she has had Parvo in Yakima. If she does give shots now they are from a feed store so be careful.She has made her living doing this for sometime she has recently had a deaf husky mix and one that was vision impaired but fails to say that in her post. I have seen her post a ad and than switch it's breed and price. She is a criminal in every sense of the word ( trust me) If you are unsure if you are dealing with her call the phones it's a high pitch auto voice that says HI YOU HAVE REACHED .... I will tell you she has 90% of the puppies over here. Please don't support this mills our pet problem is caused from these individuals that just don't care. The pups suffer and people are getting scammed. Every time she sells a puppy it keeps her going to keep breeding and flipping. If you buy a pup you are supporting these individuals habits please get off CL and check out shelters, rescues, check Petsmart, Petco for puppies that really need to be adopted!"

Here are some tips if you are thinking about "adopting" a puppy on Craigslist or "rehoming" your pet on Craigslist:

You've probably heard of house flipping:
House flipping: Flipping is a term used primarily in the United States to describe purchasing a revenue-generating asset and quickly reselling (or "flipping") it for profit. Though flipping can apply to any asset, the term is most often applied to real estate.
But have you heard of dog flipping?
When someone steals or dog-naps a dog and then sells it, on Craigslist for example, to make a profit - that's dog flipping.
It's a problem that's growing in the Northwest, and there are some precautions you can take to make sure you're not a victim of a scam.
It happened in Monroe last year, when a teenage girl allegedly sold a 3-month-old puppy over Craigslist for $250. She was supposed to be puppy-sitting while the dog's owner was out of town. Fortunately, that story had a happy ending and the puppy was returned to her owner.
Before it's too late, here's how you can spot the signs, and protect your dog from becoming a victim of dog flipping:
Ask to come over and see the pet.
You should do this anyway, Seattle DogSpot's Robert Pregulman told It's Raining Cats & Dogs on KIRO Radio, but seeing how a dog interacts with an owner is important. They may not have had the dog for very long and it may seem particularly stand-offish or afraid.
Ask to see photos of the dog as a puppy.
If the person selling the dog owned the dog, they will probably have a cache of photos of their adorable pooch.
Tell the prospective seller you'd like to take the dog to the vet and get them scanned for a microchip.
The IRCAD crew agrees that a reliable, or aboveboard person that's trying to sell a dog on Craigslist won't have a problem with this request. If the person has stolen the dog, they won't like the idea, and that will raise one of the biggest red flags. If the dog has a microchip, the vet will find it.
Ask for veterinary records.
If you're adopting a dog from someone who has owned the pet for some time, they should have records of vet visits.
Be sure to Microchip your pet.
Microchipping your pet means that if they fall into the hands of someone hoping to dog flip them, they will be more easily returned to you.
Don't leave your dog unattended.
Dogs have been reported stolen when tied up on a bike rack outside of a bar, near a grocery store when an owner is running errands - and the scariest, from your own backyard. If you can ever help it, don't leave your dog outside by herself. 
If you think you've found someone that's trying to flip a dog, you can check with shelters and the Humane Society in your community for updated lists on lost pets. If someone's dog has been stolen, they're probably looking for it. Many local vets will keep updated lists of lost pets on their sites too, and you can use these resources to help reunite pets with their dog-moms and dog-dads.

So all in all be careful when trying to find a puppy on Craigslist and/or rehoming your beloved pet. Craigslist attracts some shady people so do your research and please do not trust anyone. Just cause someone as a sob story or a inviting smile does not make them a good person......