Saturday, August 30, 2014

Indoor Vs. Outdoor

Here are some pros and cons of having a pet reside indoors or outdoors.

Indoor Pros
Less of a chance of contracting disease and parasites.
Less chance of animal abuse by outside tormentors.
No outside threats from cars, other animals, people etc.
Can keep a eye on your pet and keep them away from toxins and poisons.

Indoor Cons
Kitty can go scratch happy on everything.
If not properly litter box trained can create havoc with eliminating in inappropriate places.
Need to keep kitty entertained otherwise boredom may ensue.
Allergies from kitty hair.
Without proper play and exercise provided daily kitty could become obese.

Keep the Indoor Cat Happy 
Have a companion animal for your kitty, although cats do just fine as solitary animals as well.  
Get lots of interactive toys and play with your kitty daily.
Scratching posts are a must so kitty keeps off the furniture.
Provide lots of safe climbing places, perches and hiding places.

Outdoors Pros
Kitty can practice being a hunter and keep rodents and pests away. Great for farms!
Kitty can be more independent and keep themselves entertained.
No scratched up furniture or possible litter box smells. 

Outdoor Cons
Kitty can pickup diseases and parasites more easily.
Higher veterinary costs due to injury from other animals.
Cars and people hurting or killing your cat.
Lower life expectancy due to outside dangers.
If not spayed or neutered can add to overpopulation problem of feral cats and the such.

Indoor or outdoor always make sure your pet is spayed or neutered. Provide adequate food and water. Provide a safe and weatherproof shelter. Groom daily. Keep up on veterinary care and if necessary have a treatment plan to keep parasites and pests at bay.

Indoor Pros
Dogs are always happiest when with their human family packs.
Protection for your family.
Less likely to contract disease and parasites.
Won't get hit by cars or abused or stolen by people.
Will not get hurt or killed by other animals.
Can keep a better eye on their health and welfare.

Indoor Cons
Inappropriate elimination if not properly housebroken.
Inappropriate behavior if not properly obedient trained and not getting enough exercised.
Allergies from hair.
Obesity if overfed and not enough exercise.

Keep your Indoor Dog Happy
Provide daily exercise and toys.
Provide daily obedience training.
Crate train your dog.
Be pack oriented., get your pup involved with family outings and the such

Outdoor Pros
Livestock guardian, protect you livestock and keep predators at bay.
 Keep thieves and bad people away.
No pests or parasites in your house.
No hair or doggy smells.

Outdoor Cons
Dog can get stolen or get loose and run away.
Parasites and disease can get picked up more easily.
Cars, loose domesticated and wild animals and people can harm your pet more easily. 

Indoor or outdoor always make sure your pet is spayed or neutered. Provide adequate food and water. Provide a safe and weatherproof shelter. Groom daily. Keep up on veterinary care and if necessary have a treatment plan to keep parasites and pests at bay.

Whatever you decide your pet will always be YOUR responsibility and you must ALWAYS provide the best adequate care possible. A pet needs food, water and proper shelter at all times. A pet is a living thing and you must provide care. That's that.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Rehoming a Beloved Pet: Milo

I never thought it would come to it but unfortunately my family and I were forced to rehome our dog Milo just recently =( Due to some housing issues my family and I had to down grade from a home with a backyard to a apartment. Frankly I felt it was unfair for Milo to live in a small apartment, had him there for only a couple days and knew he was miserable. I ended up going through Craigslist to rehome him. Horrible I know. However really lucked out and he got a home with a young couple who already had a puppy and were looking for a slightly older dog to give some comfort to their new pup. Worked out great, checked with them a week later and they really enjoy having Milo.

Now I am really for the whole owning a pet should be a forever permanent thing. This whole experience really enlightened me. Sometimes life really can be unexpected. Things change for better or for worse. You just have to think really long and hard what is best for your pet. Milo was not a apartment dog. He needed a yard to romp around in. I feel like the best decision to made was to adopt him out to someone who has a yard and another dog for company. I found those people and am at peace with that decision.

Craigslist is not the best place to rehome your pet I know. I have tried other ways asking friends and family but no one was interested or just did not have the means to take in a dog. I did not have the heart nor did I want to take Milo to a animal shelter where he would be forced to sit in a cage alone. I went to Craigslist as a last resort. In the beginning I felt really bad but when I was contacted by a couple who genuinely wanted him I took a chance. I made sure there was a adoption contract and reasonable adoption fee to ensure a good home and to weed out the pet flippers and pet abusers. At this point and time I am relieved and happy that my family and I really did find a good home for Milo. I have no regrets and just keep on going.