Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Winter Pet Woes

Its cold outside keep your pet warm by keeping them indoors.
Keep outside pets sheltered with warm bedding and a insulated shelter and access to unfrozen water.
Feed your pets some extra calories especially if they are outside a majority of the time.
Check paws, ears and tails daily to make sure no signs of frost bite.
If its a blizzard please just bring your pets inside or at the very lease a insulated barn of sorts.
Watch out for salt and other de-icers. If suspected always wash off immediately.
Check your car and make sure no stray animals are under or in your car.
If you have a short hair pet consider a doggy coat maybe?
Booties are always a good idea to avoid snow and ice incrusted paws.
Shovel snow and make paths for you and your pets.
Give your pet the gift of a warm place to sleep and lots of cuddles :)