Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Time For Play? Keep The Collars Away.

Tip: Always remove your dog's collar if playing with other dogs to avoid possible choking accidents.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Pet Toy DIY Projects

Pet Toy DIY Projects
Treat/Food Dispenser
Pet Toy DIY Projects
Cat Dingle Dangle and Mini Scratcher
Pet Toy DIY Projects
No-Sew Heart Toy... for Valentines day possibly?
Pet Toy DIY Projects
Snowman Toy... for Christmas maybe?
Pet Toy DIY Projects
Ball and Rope T-shirt toy
Pet Toy DIY Projects
Kitty Felt Toys
Pet Toy DIY Projects
Treat Ball

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Really.... Craigslist Puppy Posters...Just Stop

$150-$300 for a mutt puppy with no shots, no de-worming, no spay/neuter, no vet care what so ever yet the puppy(s) are still worth this because I had to take care of them, I want to make sure you can afford my puppy or I need the money to get the mother fixed.....

I am getting increasingly irritated and frustrated with people posting puppies for sale (which Craigslist does not allow fyi but people get away with it calling the payment a re-homing fee or adoption fee) and the people supporting this by buying from these greedy people.

The risk of buying these puppies?

The puppy could have or catch parvo, distemper, rabies, etc. and you end up with a $300 dead or sick puppy.
You may well be supporting a puppy mill, dog flipper, backyard breeder, etc.
You do not know the puppy's or the parents' health history and genetic background for all you know it can be riddled with genetic defects or disease.
You are contributing to the pet overpopulation by buying a unfixed puppy.
Sometimes people sell puppies way too young. 6 weeks old is too young! You will mess up a puppy socially and nutritionally doing this. Wait till they are at least 8 weeks old...12 weeks even better.

The puppy seller's thoughts?

None of your business! Yes it is when your selling sick puppies to unsuspecting people, possibly spreading disease, parasites and oh yeah adding to the pet overpopulation.

People keep buying so why not. Maybe you should tell people they are better off actually adopting a puppy from a animal shelter with full veterinary care and a health certificate  and supporting future homeless pets for the same price. If people were told the truth pretty sure they would have second thoughts.

But my mutt puppies have vet care! Sorry a mutt is still a mutt.... even if you just mix two different purebred dogs that are akc registered, etc. a mixed breed dog is just not worth $300.

The shelters charge just as much. At least that money goes to help other animals and not line your pockets you greedy person you ^_^

I need money to fix the momma dog. The most expensive veterinary would not charge much more then $300 for a spay. Let's see a average litter is about 6 puppies... $300 each..... something does not add up here....maybe should if thought about spaying you dog a long time ago....

I want to make sure people can afford to have a puppy. Well if you can't spay/neuter or get proper veterinary for the puppies, your just a hypocrite.

Well maybe I should just give them away for free. No never ever do that especially on Craigslist. Way to many shady people and puppy flippers. There should always be some sort of reasonable re-homing fee and if people ask questions do not lie and be forthcoming about every detail about each puppy i.e. if you took them to a vet have proof of paperwork or if they have absolutely no vet care which is very irresponsible you better tell every single prospective family the circumstances as of why you can't provide basic healthcare for a mutt puppy that the new family is expected to pay $300 for.

That's my rant have a wonderful day and be careful out there.

Monday, January 5, 2015

What to Do If Your Pet is Poisoned

Have you experienced domestic violence abuse? Your pets can be in danger as well!

So recently there was a viral YouTube video of a man huddled over his dying pit-bull that apparently got poisoned with antidepressant drugs by the man's ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately the dog passed away in from what looks to be a agonizing death, seizures and the like. Why no immediate emergency veterinarian care? Supposedly the drugs acted to quickly and nothing really could be done to save the dog. Good news in this sad situation? The ex-girlfriend was caught and charged with animal cruelty.

The really sad part is this kind of thing happens everyday. People take it out on the pets to hurt the other person. It is cruel and selfish. The kind of people who do this want to be in control. They think hurting or threatening someone or something that the other person cares about will keep that person under their submission. FYI domestic violence can be against man, woman, child or animal. No men are not always the culprit women can be just as abusive if not more so.

If you or you know someone in this sort of situation get help. Do not be afraid. Call the police, call a hotline, go to a shelter, go to a church, go to a friend, go to a complete stranger. Do whatever it takes to get yourself out of that kind of situation. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones human or critter. Do not let someone try to control your life. You are the only one who should have a say about who you are, what you are, what you do and what and who you love and want to be in your life.

There is always help all you have to do is seek it.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Always be kind.

Rescue the mistreated.

Save the injured.

Love the abandoned.

How to Keep Your Active Dog Busy

Kongs are always fun.

Nylabones are awesome for the chewer.

DIY some food dispensing devices. Socks, rags, balls, cubes, etc. Avoid choking hazards!

Raw marrow bones or knuckle bones are lovely. Outside only, can be messy.

Hide some food stuffs or favorite toys everywhere. Hide and seek ya know.

Kiddie pool filled with water.

Bucket filled with ice on those hot days.


Recall practice.

Let your dog use his/her nose.

Train your dog to respond to whistles.

Obedience training. Lots!

Livestock herding. Safely!

Obstacle courses.

Running, jogging, swimming

Digging. Set up a designated area of course.

Teach them some tricks. Like jump roping?

Tennis balls.

Variety of textures. Dog approved bones, ropes, rubber, etc.

Dog parks.

Hiking trails.

Google more stuff 0_o;

So many things to do to keep your hyper, active dog happy and minimal, controlled destruction.