Saturday, November 7, 2015

Over $500 for a mixed breed?!

Getting a little tired of people thinking non-registered or mixed breed puppies are worth the same as a registered purebred. Just because both parents are registered with AKC or whatever does not mean a a mixed breed puppy with two different pure-bred parents (i.e. golden doodles, labradoodles, mastidors, puggles, etc.) is going to be worth as much. Mixing breeds may help diversify the gene pool but it does not make the mixture of different breeds more superior. In fact you could have the opposite effect and get some very undesirable traits. Not to mention some of these pups are being sold with no shots or vet care.
Yes you should charge a higher amount to keep puppy flippers and shady people away but seriously $150-$300 is more of a reasonable amount for a non-registered pure-bred or mixed breed puppy around the same a shelter would charge which includes shots, spay/neuter, vet check and microchip.

Otherwise it seems like your just a greedy backyard breeder just saying.....