Sunday, June 24, 2018

Top Ten Summer Pet Tips

1. Make sure your pet has access to water 24/7.

2. Indoors? Lots of air flow! No air conditioner? Lots of fans or make a DIY air conditioner. Also utilize open windows and doors when its cool outside usually early morning and in the evening when the sun goes away.

3.Outdoors? Lots of shade and water features are always nice be it a play pool or some ice treats.

4. Avoid asphalt and concrete if its super hot out, the temperature of the asphalt and concrete could burn your pets paws.

5. Give your pet a haircut! Long haired or double coated pets would appreciate the shave down.

6. Not so much dry food maybe more wet foods and or raw meats are a special treat especially after being refrigerated or straight from the freezer.

7. Absolutely no leaving pets unattended in a hot car!

8. Take dog/cat walks in the early morning or in the evening avoid the middle of the day.

9. Hats and umbrella always a do to shade a pup's sensitive face.

10. Keep your lawn mowed and trimmed and avoid long grass and overgrown bushes in general where ticks and fleas could catch a ride on your pet.