Sunday, February 26, 2017

Still to Cold Outside? How about moving to Hawaii with your pets?

Information to know if you are moving to Hawaii with pets.

Moving Pets to Hawaii

Are you moving to Hawaii with pets or just visiting but can’t leave your furry family members behind? In order to save time, heart-ache, and money…here is a summarized version of Hawaii’s Animal Quarantine Law and qualifying your pet for the “5 Day or Less Program.”

Hawaii’s Animal Quarantine Law

  1. Your pet must have been vaccinated at least twice for rabies in its lifetime, and they must have been administered more than 30 days apart from one another. The most recent one must be done at least 90 days before the pet’s arrival to Hawaii but no later than the expiration date of the vaccine.
  2. Your pet must be “micro-chipped” prior to arrival…if the chip cannot be read, your pet will have to undergo the 120-day quarantine.
  3. Your veterinarian must draw blood samples and forward them to an approved lab for an OIE-FAVN Rabies Blood Test. After these results are received, (results are valid for three years) 120 days must pass before your animal arrives in Hawaii. Arriving before the full 120 days has elapsed will result in disqualification from the 5 day or less program!
  4. A veterinarian must treat your pet for ticks and pests with an approved product such as Fipronil and record it on your pet’s health certificate. (Within 14 days prior to arrival.) If there is any evidence of infestation upon inspection at the station, your pet can be quarantined despite meeting all the other criteria.
  5. All documents need to be mailed to the Animal Quarantine Station at least ten days in advance of your pet’s arrival and they must be originals. No fax or photocopies will be accepted. (Do keep copies for your records.)

The animal inspection office is only open from 8:00AM – 5:00PM. Make sure that you are on a flight that arrives in Honolulu by 3:30PM if you plan on taking your pet home that day. (It could take as long as an hour for your pet to be transferred from the plane.)


Direct release at the airport is $165 per pet, $224 for the 5 day or less program, and $1,080 for the full 120-day quarantine. They can process this payment on-site but recommend you mail it in together with the other documentation to avoid long waits.