Friday, August 26, 2016

Be calm and control your dog. Doggy etiquette.

Leash train your dog.
 Do not allow your dog to jump on people.
Always supervise your dog especially around children and other animals.
Do not let your dog injure or kill neighbors livestock or pets.
Don't assume your dog and another dog will be friendly to one another.
Never allow aggression especially when playing or feeding.
Pick up after your dog I.e their poo please.
Keep you dog up to date on vaccinations. Do not bring a sick dog to places other dogs will be.
Make sure you have a secure fence or kennel area for your dog when left alone.
Do not let your pet run loose in public areas other the dog parks and even then remain in control of your dog.
Make sure your dog knows "recall" and "stay".

Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's hot outside..

Tips and tricks to keep your pets happy and healthy during the summer months.
Make sure water is available at all times.
Wading pools are a good way to keep cool.
Some ice cubes or frozen treats are always a cool delight.
Fans, open windows, air conditions anything that creates air flow is awesome.
Long fur? How about a hair cut?
Please no car rides that result in sitting in the hot sun for any period of time.
Stay clear from hot asphalt and cement, does not do your pets poor feet any good. Maybe booties?
Fleas and ticks maybe rampant so keep your pet parasite free with flea/tick treatment and prevention. Contact a local veterinarian.
Also if your in a area known for mosquitos watch out for heartworm, treat and prevent if needed. Contact a local veterinarian.
Keep your pets vaccinations updated to prevent spread of disease. Contact your local veterinarian.
Know the signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Ask your veterinarian.
Have fun and be safe this summer with your pets.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Oh the Uber fleas.....

Got fleas? See a couple skurrying around on your let? Or at all out war with a uncontrollable infestation. No worries here are some quick prevention and control  tips and tricks to keep your sanity and utter annoyance of being flea bitten.

Keep it clean. Vacuum at least once daily if not twice or thrice times daily. If you feel like throwing some baking soda, salt, borax or food grade diatomaceousous earth go right ahead, might just help annihilate the little biters.

Use poison lots of poison! Okay if you have kids and pets eh not so much. Always read the directions thoroughly before using flea bombs, carpet powders, sprays, etc.

Treat the outside too not just the inside. Keep your grass short. Use pesticides if you wish but once again always read the directions thoroughly. Oh and let your neighbor know your yard will be a toxic playground temporarily as a courtesy.

Treat your pets. Flea collars, flea dips and flea treatments are awesome just make sure you always read the directions thoroughly before applying any sort of toxic poison to your pet.

Is your pet a indoor/ outdoor pet? Consider keeping them as strictly indoor pets, this mainly applies to cats.

Home remedies yay or nay......

Wash your pet with some Dawn's dish liquid and use a flea comb to groom the fleas out of your pets fur.

Use salt, borax or diatomaceous earth when vacuuming. Leave on for a hour or so and vacuum the crud out of the carpet....throw the bag or empty the container of your vacuum cleaner immediately to prevent re- infestation.

Vacuum and treat your furniture same way as carpets.

Cedar chips in your pets bedding and in your yard seem to help deter the little buggers.

Light, piece of white paper and shallow bowl of water (maybe thrown a drop of dawn in there) in the middle of your carpet....fleas seem to be attracted to the setup

Keep clothes off the floor and wash your pets bedding weekly if not daily.

If nothing seems to be working consult with a veterinarian and a pest control person. Consult both. I say consult with a vet first because frankly they know all about fleas and if anything can recommend a flea treatment plan least likely to harm your pet. If your veterinarian does not have the answer you want then by all means get a professional bug killer to assassinate and annihilate the little intruders.