Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Christmas Pet Tips

Secure the Christmas tree so doesn't fall on your pets. Put it in a corner

Choose ornaments wisely glass and stringy hangings can harm your pets.

Keep harmful foods away from pets. Onions, chocolate, alcohol, etc.

Avoid giving your pets toys that can be torn pieces, possible choking hazard.

Stay away from deadly holiday plants like holly and mistletoe.

If you have a holiday party contain your pet in a separate area or let your guests know not to give table scraps or encourage bad behavior.

Keep wires and batteries and such out of your pets reach.

If leaving the house unplug decorations and take out the trash to avoid a mess and/or a potential house fire.

Keep candles, potpourri and any artificial "smellings" away. Not good for you or your pet.

If candles are lit keep them up high and blow them out before going to sleep or leaving the house.

Traveling in a car to visit family? Don''t leave your pet alone in the car and stop for breaks.

Keep number for your veterinarian, a 24/7 veterinarian and poison control close by in case of any accidents.

Prevent your pet from slipping out the door. Make sure your pet has a updated tag and microchip.

Thanksgiving Leftovers for Pets

Yes feel free to feed your pets some turkey meat just avoid any bones.

Onions and other alliums
No to be on the safe side, large amounts can cause toxic anemia.

Mashed Potatoes
Yes but if its the boxed kind check ingredients. Also nix it on the gravy or any fatty trimmings which can reek havoc on your pet's digestive system.

Grapes and Raisans
Nope just not good for your pets.

Cranberry Sauce
Sure just watch out for the amount of sugar.

Artificial Sweeteners
Just say no to giving any to your pets period.

Macaroni and Cheese
Yes don't let your pets to over indulge on to much.

Nope can be deadly to pets any and all kinds.

Green Beans
Yes if your pet likes them. No if its green casserole and has onions.

Alcohol is bad for pets and can be bad for people just don't do it

Friday, November 3, 2017

The Snow is Coming....Keep Your Pets Warm

Know your pet's limits if they have short hair probably should not have them out in the cold.

Check your auto engine compartment for critters looking for warmth.

Wipe your pets paws to get off any salt, antifreeze and/or deicer chemical.

Keep your pets on a leash so they don't get lost in the snow or fall through a icy pond.

Avoid the ice so you or your pets don't fall or go under icy ponds.

Leave them home!  Don't leave your pets in a cold car.

Be seen! Always have a flashlight or reflective gear when walking in the dark.

Give your pets shelter! keep them inside or provide them with a warm, draft-free shelter.

Avoid spilling antifreeze its poison to animals.

Be prepare for winter emergencies like blizzards and such.