Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stop Leaving Your Pets and Kids in the Car

I swear if I hear one more store of someone leaving their pet and/or child in a hot car I'm going to go nuts. Do people just have no common sense anymore? 90 degrees out? You already  know how it feels on the outside but seriously can you imagine how sweltering it is on the inside of a car with windows merely cracked or even just plain shut? It is a make-shift oven that is what it is.

Most recent a woman leaves her crying kids in the car to go get a haircut inside a mall. Really? The average haircut probably takes 15-20 min. That is more then enough time for your child and/or dog to suffer from signs of heatstroke. Sad part is this woman wasn't even charged. Yeah people busted out her window and got her kids out safely but no one had the decency to call the police and report this woman all because she supposedly felt so remorseful for the whole incident. Imagine how "remorseful" she would of felt if her kids died.
There is no freakin excuse to leave any living thing in a hot car period. Why people can't seem to understand that concept, I have not a clue? Are people so caught up with their own personal lives that the life of a child animal just does not matter? Leave your dog in a hot car so you can go shopping in walmart for 13 hours? Leave your child in a car for 7 hours and let them die because you just simply forgot to drop them off at daycare and just went straight to work? Leave your crying children in a hot car while you get a haircut? There are so many other stories just like this that happen every freakin year. The other thing I can't even fathom some of these people do not even get charged and that includes instances where people left their child to die in a hot car.

There is no excuse! If you have the nerve to simply forget about a child or animal in a hot car guess what? You should not be allowed to ever have children or pets ever again. When you bring children into this world it is your responsibility to care for and nurture them. Just you, yourself and I do not matter anymore. Your child should and always will come first before your needs that's that. If you can't handle that don't have children. Same goes for adopting a pet if you cannot care and nurture in just about the same way do not have a pet.
Basically if your needs/wants will always prelude any other person and/or any other living beings well-being and feelings. You know what maybe you should just be alone for the rest of your life. Think long and hard about being a selfish, self-centered, uncaring person that cares more about materialistic things then a life.

I'll finish off by saying if I ever see a child or animal suffering in a hot car I guarantee you I will bash out your window and call the cops on your sorry good for nothing arse. Don't care how remorseful you supposedly are maybe you should of thought about the repercussions of leaving a living thing in a oven. Have a nice day~