Saturday, February 9, 2019

Keep Your Pet Safe During a Snowstorm

  •  Store up activities for dogs and cats to do while you're together indoors. Kongs, catnip toys, treadmill, scratching posts, etc.

  •  Stock up ahead of time on all pet food and medicine your animals may need over the weekend—travel may be much more difficult or impossible in the event of a snowstorm

  •  Prepare for a power outage, especially if your family includes fish, reptiles, pocket pets or exotic pets.

  •  Have a coat and booties ready for any dog who needs them. Be ready to protect your pets from very strong wind and cold.

  • If possible keep your pets indoors! If your pets must be outside provide them adequate covered, draft-free, dry shelter.

  •  Make sure your pets wear identification at all times (even better: have them micro-chipped as well) to dramatically increase your chances of reunification should one become lost.

  •  Keep your dog on a leash after heavy snowfall. Dogs are much more likely to get lost during winter, especially during and after a blizzard.

  •  Watch out for ice melts! Snow-melting salt and liquid de-icer can be very painful to dogs’ feet and can make pups ill if ingested, so make sure to clean off your dog’s paws with a moist washcloth after a walk. This goes for antifreeze as well!

  • Tap your car hood before starting your vehicle to ensure there are not strays or wild critters.