Friday, March 14, 2014

Craigslist Warning. Yakima Dog Flipper/Puppy Mill.

If you live in the state of Washington and are looking for a puppy on craigslist please stay clear and avoid contacting the person(s) located in or around Yakima. This person has been id'ed as a puppy flipper, running a puppy mill and had been known to sell puppies sickened with the Parvovirus. This person(s) only care about making a profit and could care less about the well-being and health of their puppies. If you see a ad on Craigslist of this description immediately flag and report.This person posts litters of puppies daily please do not buy and support this despicable person financially.

Here are some comments about this person(s):

"It's interesting that these puppies that are located in YAKIMA COUNTY or within 30 miles of YAKIMA have phone numbers from DELAWARE, PASCO, WA & ABERDEEN WA and LAS VEGAS, NV.

*First of all if this person was honest and not a flipper she wouldn't be using so many different phone numbers, area codes and locations.

*Second, if she was an honest breeder she would be SELLING her puppies on her own website not trying to sell them on Craigslist under the guise of re homing.

*Third, she would not be posting the puppies numerous times a day. Sometimes deleting her own posts so she can re post and be at the top again and she would not have SO many different puppies.

*Last, if she wasn't a PUPPY FLIPPER she wouldn't have SO many different puppies posted daily. She has new puppies about every week.

Why doesn't she list her name and her real contact information? Who is she hiding from?

This YAKIMA PUPPY FLIPPER is the biggest flipper around. You can not believe any story she tries to spin. Many people are on to her now and flagging all her posts.


I live in Yakima... (Seattle Tacoma)
I live in Yakima and have seen the post about the flipper from the Yakima Puppy Mill. I am completely confused why anyone would consider buying a puppy from these people. Maybe it's easy to look on CL and meet a stranger at a Mall or Walmart but please consider this I know this girl Danielle has been breeding and selling puppies for several years I have seen her post in several cities it appears she has many people working with her. I personally have posted warnings 6 months ago when I saw she was over here. Here is the deal she usually has around 40 to 50 dogs a month she charges 250 to 500 per puppy. She often sells the poor Mama dog in Yakima for 25 to 50 dollars. She breeds everything and anything she can get her hands on, she has had Parvo in Yakima. If she does give shots now they are from a feed store so be careful.She has made her living doing this for sometime she has recently had a deaf husky mix and one that was vision impaired but fails to say that in her post. I have seen her post a ad and than switch it's breed and price. She is a criminal in every sense of the word ( trust me) If you are unsure if you are dealing with her call the phones it's a high pitch auto voice that says HI YOU HAVE REACHED .... I will tell you she has 90% of the puppies over here. Please don't support this mills our pet problem is caused from these individuals that just don't care. The pups suffer and people are getting scammed. Every time she sells a puppy it keeps her going to keep breeding and flipping. If you buy a pup you are supporting these individuals habits please get off CL and check out shelters, rescues, check Petsmart, Petco for puppies that really need to be adopted!"

Here are some tips if you are thinking about "adopting" a puppy on Craigslist or "rehoming" your pet on Craigslist:

You've probably heard of house flipping:
House flipping: Flipping is a term used primarily in the United States to describe purchasing a revenue-generating asset and quickly reselling (or "flipping") it for profit. Though flipping can apply to any asset, the term is most often applied to real estate.
But have you heard of dog flipping?
When someone steals or dog-naps a dog and then sells it, on Craigslist for example, to make a profit - that's dog flipping.
It's a problem that's growing in the Northwest, and there are some precautions you can take to make sure you're not a victim of a scam.
It happened in Monroe last year, when a teenage girl allegedly sold a 3-month-old puppy over Craigslist for $250. She was supposed to be puppy-sitting while the dog's owner was out of town. Fortunately, that story had a happy ending and the puppy was returned to her owner.
Before it's too late, here's how you can spot the signs, and protect your dog from becoming a victim of dog flipping:
Ask to come over and see the pet.
You should do this anyway, Seattle DogSpot's Robert Pregulman told It's Raining Cats & Dogs on KIRO Radio, but seeing how a dog interacts with an owner is important. They may not have had the dog for very long and it may seem particularly stand-offish or afraid.
Ask to see photos of the dog as a puppy.
If the person selling the dog owned the dog, they will probably have a cache of photos of their adorable pooch.
Tell the prospective seller you'd like to take the dog to the vet and get them scanned for a microchip.
The IRCAD crew agrees that a reliable, or aboveboard person that's trying to sell a dog on Craigslist won't have a problem with this request. If the person has stolen the dog, they won't like the idea, and that will raise one of the biggest red flags. If the dog has a microchip, the vet will find it.
Ask for veterinary records.
If you're adopting a dog from someone who has owned the pet for some time, they should have records of vet visits.
Be sure to Microchip your pet.
Microchipping your pet means that if they fall into the hands of someone hoping to dog flip them, they will be more easily returned to you.
Don't leave your dog unattended.
Dogs have been reported stolen when tied up on a bike rack outside of a bar, near a grocery store when an owner is running errands - and the scariest, from your own backyard. If you can ever help it, don't leave your dog outside by herself. 
If you think you've found someone that's trying to flip a dog, you can check with shelters and the Humane Society in your community for updated lists on lost pets. If someone's dog has been stolen, they're probably looking for it. Many local vets will keep updated lists of lost pets on their sites too, and you can use these resources to help reunite pets with their dog-moms and dog-dads.

So all in all be careful when trying to find a puppy on Craigslist and/or rehoming your beloved pet. Craigslist attracts some shady people so do your research and please do not trust anyone. Just cause someone as a sob story or a inviting smile does not make them a good person......


  1. Dear Animal Lovers:
    I've had a personal experience with this Danielle Rose, Day Day or whatever names she's using. She answered an ad on Craigslist when I was rehoming a pup. I had no idea what a "flipper" was. However, I learned that she took my pictures, posted them on a site in Portland, and sold my pup. Mind you, I did not know her, never met her, had no agreement with her, or deal for that matter. Lucky for me and the pup, I was notified by the couple. She used my ad almost verbatim. Unbelievable. What I have learned about her is truly disturbing.
    Chip your pups, take recent pictures of them, and spay and neuter. She has no interest unless she can flip it quickly or breed it for 100s of puppies. The women needs help!

  2. She also steals dogs, puppies to use for breeding. It is important that people that have dogs of certain breeds that live outdoors, are chipped. Boxers, English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers or Frenchies. She has two or three thugs that run around looking for puppies or dogs they can flip in the Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane and Portland area. She is the leader of a pretty big operation.
    I've heard that the dogs live in horrible housing and often get moved quickly when she is being investigated.
    Do not buy puppies off Craigslist. The housing they come out of carries parvo and she DOES NOT GIVE SHOTS nor does she worm them. That is why so many die. Do you research before you buy off craigslist, oddle, and eBay puppies.

  3. She's not along folks. She has several individuals, from Yakima & surrounding area's. There are people out in the E. and w. Valley area that help a lot. They also continue to sell under aged, and parvo puppies. There is a lot of communication on CL, and sometimes a list of their puppies. They also have many, and I do many, facebook accounts selling and trading puppies, dogs and kitten and sometimes rabbits. Danielle herself rarely keeps any animals at her residence in Yakima off Mead. She does keep them at family, friends and her helper, who happens to be of Russian decent. Don't buy or sell to either one of them. Parvo has been communicated over and over again from their puppies. They do not care if puppies die.

  4. If you all are talking about Danielle and Lagia from Yakima, those puppies are all sick. They keep them with puppies they bring in from all over the Yakima area. There is no way they can keep the new puppies from being exposed, via air, crap, paper, bedding, blankets, totes, apple bins, boxes, cars, and many other items. So the parvo is there along with other disease. The animals are not cared for. They have food thrown out on the ground, if they get fed. Water if it's not frozen. Sadley they are over breed, under weight and do not see vets. She really needs to stop.

  5. I have got a puppy from this woman and a man on craigslist. She was very sick. Please people please keep an eye out flag these posts that these other people are talking about this is a serious problem! I know im not the only one i have talked to at least 20 people who have got a puppy from them. And they do have other people in different areas working witg them.and steeling people dogs to sell and breed them.

  6. Is this the same person? A flipper has contacted me several times using different identities trying to get my underage rabbit kits before they are done nursing, trying to smooth talk around home check or even photo of supplies and housing. I save everything so I've been able to see her use one identity and accidentally tell two different stories, saying from different remote areas but willing to drive hours to get the kits and very pushy but vague. At one point I told her I was uncomfortable and it was a bad fit, and within 15 minutes she was emailing me as someone else (one she already used and I saved). Is this the same flipper? If so I have more aliases to add and I saved the emails and conversations. This person is bad news. They will try like hell to get past any and all requirements like home check or proof of preparedness (supplies/housing etc)

  7. That Danielle flipper has several craigslist accounts, emails (about 100+). She also maintains several fake identities on facebook where she searches puppy ads. She also has a boxer site where she sells her half breed boxers as full breed. The CKC is still registering pups for her. Errrr. Don't know that she has rabbits, although I read something about her somewhere that said she will flip anything from kittens to donkeys if she can make a $.
    People really need to do their research before buying or selling so such people.

  8. Dear Community:
    The person you are speaking of has numerous adds in the Yakima area, posted at vet offices, feed stores, on CL and everywhere "small breed wanted ... if you have puppies ..." She posts everyday. These "wanted large breed" in the Yakima CL are used for fight training or she sells them to a Korean Rest. In the Seattle area. You can find her once a week dropping the dogs/puppies off with the group at the Ellensburg Truck stop.
    She is a horrible person. Period.

  9. Are you saying she is selling dogs for human consumption? What restaurant? Why isn't the law enforcement doing something?
    A friend of mine knows this women. Her step daughter has confirmed that she flips puppies, dogs, stolen dogs and property. They are kept in basements, sheds, out in the lower valley, apple bins, back of old cars. She doesn't care. She tells people that she has given them shots, etc., but this is not truthful. According to family members, a lot of the puppies, she doesn't even handle, knows nothing about them. She makes their breed up.
    How can the community get law enforcement to do something?

    1. Hi.. Recently my pup was stolen.. Then they try selling him on 2 different cities.. I wanted to buy it from whoever had him but at the end they stoped texting the number was no longer in service..this person ghost out on me. Withing minutes..they post my pup in 2 different cities..and am just freaking out.. It sounds like this people you talking about.. Does anyone know how to get a hold of this bitch...

  10. Where does she get the puppies? Why is she not being stopped? Isn't there enough animal advocate groups out there that could help?

  11. I bought a puppy from her recently. I wasn't aware I was buying from a puppy flipper. I think she made up breed looks nothing like I was told. I had my suspicions something was off. Puppy was full of roundworms. I had him Dewormed and luckily he's doing fine.

  12. I am an animal lover. I know this person from connections in the Yakima & Low Valley area. She has a connection with lower level individuals that don't spay or neuter their pets. She prays on them. Returning to purchase their puppies, some times before the puppies have been weaned. She can be VERY aggressive if she has a buyer for your puppy. And no, she does not generally know the breed, she just makes it up.
    The other thing that people need to know is, a lot of the dogs she does not sell, they end up dumped (lots of times in the lower valley) sold for bait dogs, and if she isn't able to do that, she sells them for food to Korean Rest. in the Seattle based area. YES - for food! This women is evil inside and out. She is brings her children and her sisters children with her, and pretends that they are so in love with the puppy and can they have the litter. She always tried to get puppies for free, and if the mother is available, she will tell the person that she will spay the Mother if they want to get rid of her - that is not the case, the mother is either breed by ??? and the puppies sold, use for a bait dog or sold for meat. The communities need to be aware of this.

  13. I too had an encounter with Danielle.. she was with her daughter in a gray mini van. She was selling her husky mix puppies and oddly enough she picked up a random dog off the street while we were taking a look at her pups. That should of been a big red flag for us but we didn't think much of it.. we are brand new to Seattle area and were not aware of this horrible person. There was a cop in the parking lot and she moved and parked her mini van across the parking lot and she seemed like she wanted to leave quick.. We want to find this woman and confront her for this disgusting work. She sells sick puppies with parvo. Why aren't the officers looking into this?? EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE AWARE OF THIS.

  14. Does anyone know how to get a hold of this Bitch... Am going thru some stuff like that with my lost puppy .. And i really want to see if this Biych has him.

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  17. D use to live on Cornell Ave in Yakima.

  18. My pure breed English Bulldog went missing two weeks ago. I believe this woman has him 😡 I need to know where she lives. He has had two eye surgeries and needs his meds badly. He was last seen at McDonald’s on 1st and Nobhill. He was taken from Cottonwood Canyon area. 509-759-3746 or 509-833-3633 with any information.