Friday, March 23, 2018

It's International Puppy Day

It's International Puppy Day. National Puppy Day was founded in 2006 by Celebrity Pet & Home Lifestyle Expert and Author, Colleen Paige, who is also the founder of National Dog Day and National Cat Day (among many others). International Puppy Day serves as an awareness day to combat inhumane practices in dog breeding and animal treatment.

 These include aiming to close Puppy Farms, where dogs are often mistreated to induce higher breeding levels, as well as promoting the adoption of orphaned puppies. The importance of dog spaying and neutering is also a major theme of the day, as it aims to prevent pet over-population and the abandonment of unwanted puppies. Here is a list where you can adopt dogs and puppies from other countries but please don't forget to adopt locally as well!

Before adopting always know international pet adoption laws and pet immunization and quarantine procedures!

 Do your research and good luck on finding your forever international dog/puppy friend!