Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Resolution: Help Shelter Animals

Make a change.

Make a difference.

Make a impact.

Make the world a better place.

If you can't adopt, foster.

If you can't foster, sponsor.

If you can't sponsor, volunteer.

If you can't volunteer, donate.

If you can't donate, educate.

Don't say I can't, there is always something you can do.

No excuses.

Do something.


Make a change. Be the change.

Spread the word.

Dog and Baby Safety: Protect your child and your pet!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How Not to Ruin Your New Puppy

Teach your puppy manners and basic obedience. No jumping on people. Waiting. Heeling. Coming when called.

Housebreak your puppy properly. Take your pup outside frequently. If the puppy has a accident don't rub there nose in it. Promptly take the puppy outside to the correct elimination area.

Introduce your puppy to a variety of objects and scenarios so they never are afraid of anything.

Socialize your puppy with a variety of people and other animals.

Make sure you puppy has annual checkups and up-to-date on shots.

Feed your puppy a well-balanced diet (avoid people food and cheap dog food, make sure a protein source is always the first ingrediant (avoid meat by-products and heavy grains like corn)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Get Rid Of Fleas For Good

House Tips

-Vacuum like crazy. Vacuum twice or more daily no if ands or buts. If you have a disposable bag take that bag out to garbage can immediately after every use. If you have a detachable canister empty that out immediately after every use into a garbage can. Make sure garbage can is situated somewhere outside the home to minimize reinfestation.

-When vacuuming use a flea carpet powder and make sure you read complete directions to use it correctly. For a more natural approach and/or less toxic use things like borax, salt, baking soda or diatomaceous earth (food grade!).

-Use a carpet shampooer/cleaner/steamer a week. Do not dump water in yard which could lead to further reinfestation. Dump water in toilet  and flush instead.

-Clean and vacuum your furniture daily or get new furniture if you know you got rid of fleas completely and for good.

-Use a flea fogger/bomb once or twice a month. Always read full directions.

-Don't leave clothes, bedding, etc. on the floor if you do you better wash that stuff.

-Keep clutter off the floor. Never leave trash lying around period.

-Rip up the carpet put in wood floors or new carpet (avoid thick shaggy carpeting where fleas can hide!) as a last resort.

Yard Tips

-Keep your lawn mowed and bushes/trees trimmed.

-Use a outside flea treatment, once again read and follow directions exactly. For something more natural use diatomaceous earth.

Pet Bedding/Kennel Tips

-Wash fabric pet bedding at least twice or more weekly.

-Use cedar chips to deter fleas in and around pet's kennel/sleeping area.

Pet Tips

-Keep your pets healthy. The healthier your pet the less parasites they get.

-Bathe your pets regularly with a flea treatment (always read directions!) or for something not so toxic use concentrated Dawn dish washing soap and scrub and work it into the fur. Rinse thoroughly.

-Use a flea collar. If you Google you can find plenty of natural ones.

-Use a monthly flea treatment. Always read directions. Check with your veterinarian for best recommendations.

-Do not let your pet sleep on your bed or furniture! That's just asking for trouble in more ways then one.

-Treat all animals in the house. Anything that has fur, give it a bath.

-Dietary supplements like brewer's yeast or garlic show some promise. Ask your veterinarian before ever even thinking about giving your pet a dietary supplement.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Designer Dogs: Pomsky

No that's not how it works -_-;
Must read article first and for most: Designer dogs: Would you purchase a $1500 mutt?

So called breeders keep inventing these designer dogs. For what purpose? Mixing genetics to make a better dog? Make a dog's size, coat more convenient for people's lifestyle? To make a name for themselves? To improve temperament? To better both dog breeds as a whole?

How about a darker reason? Charge people hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a mutt dog. Sorry to burst your bubble but mixing a purebred with another purebred of a different breed is a mutt pure and simple no pun intended. Guess what there is lots of mutts in shelters for a third if not less of the cost for a designer mutt. All I see another mixed breed dog people are going to hype over and then a bunch are just going to end up in the shelter like it always goes. Think twice before getting a designer dog, you might just be getting scammed.

Oh and just a heads up........

Not a pomsky.jpg
Be careful out there! Do not support puppy mills and backyard breeders! Don't get scammed. Do yourself a favor adopt from a shelter or reputable breeder (and no just cause a breeder says they are AKC registered does not mean they are a good breeder). Do your research, be vigilant and always report animal abuse.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pet Overpopulation

Please microchip and spay/neuter your pets and don't add to the mounting overpopulation of strays and shelter animals. Do your part spread the word and educate fellow pet owners.