Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Strange Thing Dogs Do

Humping....Irritating but normal

As long as it’s not done to excess, humping is actually completely normal, but there are ways you can curb the behavior. Humping can also be a dominating behavior.

Utter Destruction....Burn out that pup's energy first and foremost! 

There are as many ways that dogs can engage in destructive behavior as there are reasons why. Anything from anxiety to not getting enough exercise If you find that your dog is destructive, the first step toward curbing the behavior is to consult with a vet or dog trainer.

Butt Dragging....Take your pup to the vet asap!

Butt dragging is not normal and is usually a sign that something is medically wrong with your dog. It could be something simple, such as needing to have her anal glands expressed, or it might be something more serious. If you can’t tell anything from a visual inspection, a vet is the next stop.

Falling and Leg-paddling....Seizure?

Twitching in their sleep is one thing but your dog suddenly falling over and starts to twitch or paddling her legs, there’s a good chance that it’s a seizure. Other signs include appearing worried or clinging to you beforehand, and walking in circles afterward. It is incredibly important that you take your dog to a vet if you suspect she had a seizure, because symptoms almost always worsen without help.

Bathroom Audience...The toilet stare-down....

It can be unsettling to have your dog stare at you as you sit on the toilet (especially if you suffer from bathroom “shyness”!) but there’s nothing particularly “wrong” with the behavior. Dogs just aren’t as hung up on privacy as we are. Still, if the idea of a canine audience truly bothers you, there’s nothing wrong with closing the door or teaching your pooch to stay when you need to do something personal.

Poop Eating.....Gross but possibly normal?

Two primary reasons. First, he may be trying to keep his space clean. That’s right. Some dogs eat their feces as an act of cleanliness. This is an instinctive behavior that female dogs engage in when they’re with their young litter in order to keep the den clean. Gross right?! Second, his food might not be meeting his nutritional needs. Eating poop can be a dog’s attempt to bolster his diet. Either way, it’s not something you want to continue (nor is it healthy). Take your dog to a vet or get a trainer

Reverse Sneezing...Scary!

All of a sudden your dog starts making a horrifying sound that seems like a cross between snorting and choking, and she looks like she’s trying to vomit but is also really self-conscious about it. What’s going on? It’s a “respiratory event” that can be caused either by over-excitement or as an attempt to get rid of mucus. Though it looks awful, if you just let it run its course for 30 seconds or so, your dog will go right back to normal.