Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to Find a Qualified and Professional Pet Sitter

Going on vacation and cannot take your pet? Well then you need a pet sitter :) Here are some tips to finding a qualified and professional pet sitter to provide proper care to your loving pet(s).

Find a Good Pet Sitter
Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation. A decent pet sitter should obviously have a extended support network such as a veterinarian in case there is a emergency, A pet sitter who has a established professional relationships with a veterinarian, a groomer, a trainer, a boarding facility etc. will at least give you the peace of mind should there be a medical or behavioral emergency or if there is need for a backup housing plan.
Recommendations and word of mouth. If your fellow family, friends and pet lovers have high recommendations for a particular person they have had a good experience caring for their pets definitely check into those sort of people. Always ask for references! The more the better off your precious pet.
Question if they have liability insurance and are bonded in case of accidents or negligence. Question how many years experience they have and how much knowledge they have concerning your particular pet. If you have a older pet or special needs pet ask about knowledge and experience caring for you pet's particular needs.
Go for a certified pet sitter. If a person has certifications from The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) or Petsitters International (PSI) you will have peace of mind that these agencies are dedicated to training and certifying pet sitters thus the person in question is may also be dedicated to the well being of your pet.
Always have a contract and double check that contract. Make sure all that was discussed and agreed upon services are included in the contract. Document your pets needs and personality (daily maintenance/feeding schedules, medications, how your pet reacts to new people and other animals, etc.)
Do a try-out to see how the pet sitter interacts with your pet as well as a home check if your pet will be at the pet sitters premises. Make sure your pet gets along with the pet sitter and vice versa.
Ask about emergency plans. What will your pet sitter in case of emergency? Include a wide range or scenarios i.e weather, fire, medical emergency, your pet gets our the yard/off leash, your pet bites/injures another animal or person, etc,
Best level of service. Is your pet low-maintenance or high-maintenance?How much experience, certifications and recommendations do you require of a pet sitter for the absolute best possible care for your beloved pet? Ask yourself these questions and do your research to get your pet the best quality of care while your away :)