Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ear Mites & Cat Ears

So as of lately our little kitty Remmie has been getting a constant buildup of black crumbly earwax junk in one of ears. Come to find out through Google as well as a trip to the vet it is definitely ear mites blah. So ended up cleaning her ear out with q-tips and baby wipes and administering some OTC ear mite medicine. Now its a wait and see if it will clear up. Fun stuff.

Ear wax or mites?

If its yellow or brownish in color and kind of moist and waxy, it be just ear wax.

If its black crumbly like coffee grain like and keeps coming back its more then likely ear mites.

Any redness, excessive moisture and ear wax buildup might suggest some sort of infection.

Pets may or may not shake their head or dig at their ears with claws and paws depending on the severity of the ear mite infestation.

Ear Mites can spread pet to pet so keep a eye on all your household pets and treat each one individually has necessary.

Always check with your veterinarian before making any assumptions. 

Better off treating the exact cause correctly otherwise  the problem can continue or get worse.

Better safe then sorry.