Sunday, January 20, 2019

New Year Resolutions for You and Your Pet

*Always measure your pet's food! Use a 8 oz measuring cup and follow the recommended feeding guideline on your pets dry food or ask and follow your veterinarians advice.

*Choose an age appropriate pet food: puppy/kitten, adult, senior. Also consider your pet's lifestyle: indoor or outdoor? Sedentary, active, or hyper?

*Try a new activity with your pet. Hiking, swimming, new/longer walking route, new game, etc.

*Incorporate more playtime/exercise time especially if you have a very hyperactive pet.

*Schedule annual well-checkup trips to the veterinarian. Also follow vaccination, flea/tick prevention and/or medication schedule as prescribed by your veterinarian.

*Groom your pet daily Short hair or long hair, your pet will benefit from a good brushing. Also gives you some bonding time with you lovely pet.

*Start brushing your pets teeth. Good oral hygiene is a must especially when pets get older.

*Teach new tricks to your pet. Works especially well on active breeds who need constant stimulation.

*Keep your pets collar/tag/ID/microchip information up to date. Ensure you have your correct, updated name, phone and address inputted. That way if your pet gets lost there will be no issues in finding you as the rightful owner.

*Consider adopting or fostering another pet. If not animal shelters can always use donations and volunteers. Contact your local animal shelter/rescue and ask what they need the most.

Pick one or all of these New Year resolution for a happy, healthy life for you and your pet!