Friday, March 1, 2019

How to Calm a Stressed Out Cat or Dog

  • Always think of your and pet's safety first before ever approaching a anxiety-ridden or scared animal.

  • Use a calm voice and calm behavior. Do not yell or make quick movements!

  • Lure the pet toward you slowly with a toy or food.

  • Isolate anxiety-ridden pets temporarily to calm down. 

  • Never lock pets up in a cage or tiny room for 24/7!

  • Figure out what maybe agitating or causing stress to your pet.

  • Use pheromones to calm your pet, which comes in a spray or plugin form.

  • Use other non-medication aids like body wraps or pet-safe herbal liquids, chews or tablets. Always ask a veterinarian before using any type of herbal aids!

  • Consider using short-term medication from your veterinarian.

  • Consider sedatives that could help your anxiety ridden pet. Always ask your veterinarian as well as get a second or third opinion to be on the safe side.

  • Explore options for long-term medications from your veterinarian.

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